Highways Agency Roadworks Information


In 2011, the UK's Department for Transport (DfT) began to issue datasets for public use under the Open Government License. The first of these was planned roadworks issued by the Highways Agency.

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Presented here is the latest data on planned roadworks on the Highway Agency's roads, distilled from the data files on this page. You can find information by road number, or search by location. The roadworks that are shown have already started or will start within the next week. Roadworks which should have been complete at least a week ago are filtered out (hopeful, I know).

These are the outstanding planned roadworks from the 21 August 2017 data file on the site, covering planned roadworks due for completion up to late 2018, and even 2020. I will keep this page updated as new roadworks are posted on the DfT site, which is currently happening most weeks.

Unfortunately, the format of the data files has changed. I am working on updating the software that reads the files, so there will be a delay until the next update.

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